Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji Ink Review

Pilot Iroshizuku inks have perhaps the best reputation in the fountain pen community. They’re wet. They’re reliable. They’re vibrant. I have several in my collection. I’ve recently enjoyed the Momiji - “autumn leaves” - color. It’s a regular part of my rotation. It’s for some time filled up the converter in my great Lamy Studio. I’ve used the color in my sermon manuscripts to designate illustrations and quotes. I love it.

Momiji is a pinkish-red when it goes down. It dries to a red with a hint of orange. It’s a bright ink that shines on the page. It behaves well on most papers I’ve tried. I regularly use it in my Tomoe River, Nanami notebook, and it performs beautifully.


The Iroshizuku inks are a bit pricey, but I find that they’re worth it. They are, however, quite inexpensive in Japan. I hope to load up on my trip in just a few short weeks. Pick up a bottle of Momiji. If you need a vibrant red to add to your collection, you won’t be disappointed.


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