To the Land of the Rising Sun


On July 28th of this summer, I’ll leave for a two-week trip to Tokyo, Japan. Karis deacon Timothy Hixon will be accompanying me, along with my daughter, Melia. My affection for Japan has grown over the years. This will be, I believe, my sixth trip to the country. I can’t wait to get on the ground there.


Here’s why I’m going. We now have four former Karis members on the ground serving with the church plant team of Soma Fuchu: Drew and Megumi Glosson and Jeremy and Leanna Grove. We’ll be heading over there to encourage and support them. They’re family! I can’t wait to see and embrace them. They’re so dear to my hearts. In addition, we’ll be helping them with one of their main outreaches of the year, their annual summer English camp. Japanese parents strongly desire for their children to learn English. They want their kids to have the opportunities that go along with knowing the language. However, camps and lessons can be very pricey - as much as $1000 for a week. Soma Fuchu is putting on a camp that will come at a fraction of that cost (around $40 a kid). This is a way for the church to build relationships with families, bridges through which they hope to share the gospel.

As I mentioned above, I’ll be taking my sweet, beautiful, 13-year-old daughter on the trip. My trip is covered by the church. However, she has to raise funds to go. If you feel led to help her financially, you can go here, choose “Summer 2019 Japan Mission Trip” and give online. Just be sure to type “Melia Larson” in the comments. If you’d prefer to give by check, mail it to Karis Church (606 Ridgeway Ave., Columbia, MO 65203), made out to Karis Church, with “Summer 2019 Japan Mission Trip: Melia Larson” in the memo. She’ll be extremely grateful, and so will I. She’s so excited to go. It will be her first trip. I’m taking her along, as I know she’ll love Japanese culture, and I think she’ll be a great helper with the camp.


I’m overwhelmed at how God has provided for Karis in Japan. Many years ago, Dan Glosson and I took a team over there to discern to where God might be calling us, and with whom we could partner. Drew moved from Japan to Karis and interned with us. We eventually met Yoshi Noguchi and Soma. We sent him and Meg over there first a few years back. This past fall, we sent the Groves. There, in this country that has become so close to my heart, we don’t just have missionaries to whom we send checks. We have family on the ground! I can’t wait to go there in late July. Pray for me, Timothy, and Melia, please.

Also, check out this fantastic article on The Gospel Coalition site by Soma Fuchu’s Lead Pastor, Yoshito Noguchi, here, and check out the video below.

(And to my fountain pen followers, you better believe I’m going to show you the sites in this pen mecca, as well. Stay tuned to this site!)