Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Review


My first experience with a Platinum fountain pen wasn’t great. I purchased one of their 3776 models from Amazon on the cheap (a mistake I keep making), and it was dryer than an almost-empty ballpoint. I sent it back fast. I thought perhaps Platinum - one of the big three Japanese manufacturers (with Pilot and Sailor) - just wasn’t for me. Thankfully, I gave the brand another chance. Since then, I’ve purchased a Procyon, along this model, the Plaisir, and I’m impressed.


The Plaisir isn’t Platinum’s entry-level pen. That’s the Preppy, a plastic writer that fills with Platinum’s proprietary cartridges. The Plaisir appears to pair the Preppy’s grip, feed, and nib with an aluminum body with a more substantial feel. It likewise takes Platinum cartridges, along with the company’s proprietary converter. Certainly a light-weight pen, the Plaisir feels good in the hand, and, at least with a medium nib, is a reliable writer. It utilizes Platinum’s patented “slip & seal” cap that prevents the pen from drying out.

Here’s what I’ve learned using Platinum pens. Never go finer than medium. I’m actually a guy that prefers fine-nibbed pens. Platinum pens, however, are just too dry. The 3776 I purchased was a fine. The first Procyon I returned was a fine. My two Platinums I currently own are mediums, and I like them both. For around $10, the Plaisir from Platinum is a great starter fountain pen. With its aluminum body and chrome accents, it’s as nice-looking as it is function.