Lamy Studio Fountain Pen Review


I’m a huge fan of Lamy fountain pens. The Safari made my Top Five Starter Pens list. My Lamy 2000 is one of my all-around favorites. I was excited to try out the Lamy Studio model. I chose the medium nib, along with the brushed stainless-steel finish. I’ve had it for several months now. I’m quite impressed.


Packaging and Presentation

There’s nothing noteworthy to share in this category. The Studio comes in a simple, cardboard box. It’s sufficient for mailing or storing the pen.


Appearance and Build

This is one sharp pen. The brushed stainless finish is impressive. There are now a whole host of other colors available, including blue, black, red, olive green, and even terra-cotta. The Lamy Studio looks quite professional. It features a unique clip. The black plastic grip provides some good contrast.

Turning to build, it’s made of steel. It’s a well-built, highly durable pen. I have no concerns about it holding up over time.


Nib and Filling System

This is a cartridge-converter pen, although it requires proprietary Lamy products. The company’s cartridges are high-capacity, which is nice. Their Z24 converter can be had for around five bucks. It’s one of the best on the market.

The Studio uses the same, interchangeable nibs as the Safari. In other words, it has a great, steel nib. Gold nibs are apparently available. However, they about double the price, and the steel point is smooth and sufficient.


Feel and Experience

This Lamy feels great in the hand. Its weight is about perfect. The grip is comfortable. It will serve you well for long writing sessions.


For the $60-80 range, the Lamy Studio is a good step-up, next-level pen. It has the feel of the Safari with a sleek, professional finish and without the sometimes-annoying, triangular grip. My only issues are first, that the brushed stainless finish scratches easily (visible on video; avoid the pants pocket), and second, that the clip is tight and clearly made for form more than function.

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