Zebra Sharbo X Multi Pen Review

This is my first review of a non-fountain pen here on the site. I’ve loved multi pens since childhood. I remember changing colors on the fly with cheap Bics back in the day. I’ve enjoyed using the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto the past few years. Perhaps I’ll review that pen down the road. But I’ve kept my eye on the Sharbo X for some time. I saw a deal on the carbon version on my recent trip to Japan and snagged it. And I’m sure glad I did.


Packaging and Presentation

The Sharbo X comes in a solid, plastic, clear, rounded box. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. I actually purchased a display model, the store’s last on hand. I didn’t really need the packaging, but they threw it in. I won’t be selling the pen, so I really won’t need to keep it.


Appearance and Build

The pen has been popular in Japan. It’s likely due to its looks. It’s the sharpest multi pen I’ve seen. It perfectly balances form and function. The carbon grip version I purchased is especially attractive.

In addition, it’s built like a tank. It’s got a nice weight to it. It’s well-balanced in the hand, but in no way too heavy. I believe it’s coated brass. It looks great and is quite comfortable.


Point and Refill System

The Sharbo X holds two pen refills and one pencil cartridge. You can choose between gel, ballpoint and emulsion (between gel and ballpoint, like the Jetstream) refills in a range of sizes. I chose .5 gel refills in black and blue, and I couldn’t be happier. These Zebra refills are top-notch. I’d be surprised if they lasted too long, as they’re quite small.

Unscrew the barrel, and the refills easily slide in. The pen features a smooth, rotating, click mechanism that works great. The back end of the pen features a rubber grip. Some have called it a stylus. It looks more like a convenient way to grip and flip pages to me. Unscrew that end and a small, replaceable eraser is found below.


Feel and Experience

I love my new Sharbo X. I prefer fountain pens, but they just aren’t suitable for every situation. Some papers don’t take fountain pen ink well. Bible pages certainly don’t. The Zebra fine, gel .4. or .5 points, though, are perfect for jotting down notes in your margins. If you’re interested in a multi pen, I’d ignore all the other options and pick up this great Zebra pen.

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