Jinhao 51A Fountain Pen Review


I love both of the Jinhao 51As that I’ve picked up from Bobby’s great “office_supplies _pen” eBay store. I reviewed his Jinhao 911 previously. Bobby likes to take cheap Chinese pens and outfit them with improved, quite stellar nibs. The 51A is no exception to that.


Packaging and Presentation

Bobby’s pens come bubble-wrapped. Nothing fancy. No worries on an $8 pen.


Appearance and Build

These pens are gorgeous and appear durable. They’re acrylic pens with beautiful patterns. I started out with the more subtle, black and gray version. I later added the more colorful pen with blue and green hues. This is a solid, attractive pen. It features a functional, stainless-steel cap with a rounded, ball clip.


Nib and Filling System

Bobby’s nibs - like this 51A point - flow well and are always super smooth. This hooded nib is wet and consistent. The cap apparently gives a tight seal, as I’ve experienced no hard starts with these Jinhao 51As. This is a standard, cartridge/converter pen. It comes with a functional converter. Nothing noteworthy to report here in terms of the filling system.


Feel and Experience

This is a quality pen. It performs way better than its sub-$8 price category, and it comes in several attractive colors. Some of my readers might dig this option in purple and red. Fountain pen newbies desiring to add to their collection and not bust their budgets should consider the Jinhao 51A and Bobby’s shop.

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