Jinhao 911 Fountain Pen Review


I was introduced to Bobby’s “office_supplies_pen” Ebay store on more than one Facebook group. There I stumbled upon what I think is a gem of a pen, the Jinhao 911, and specifically one with one of Bobby’s special nib. You can also buy the uncustomized 911 on Amazon through other sellers. This is a quality starter fountain pen.

Packaging and Presentation

The 911 comes - at least from Bobby’s store - bubble-wrapped. It’s not even boxed. However, I never use pen boxes. I throw them away or toss them in a drawer. This isn’t a concern for me, at least for a sub-$5 fountain pen.

Appearance and Build

This is a stainless steel fountain pen. The grip section is plastic, but the rest is quality stainless. The 911 looks great, as if it costs far more than it does. It has a professional look to it. It no doubt will also hold up quite well.

Nib and Filling System

The pen boasts a smooth, hooded nib. As with all such nibs, it takes a bit of getting used to. It has a clear “sweet spot.” With a traditional nib, it’s far more obvious how to hold it and write with it. With the 911, and with others (like the Parker 51, for example), the point must be intentionally, carefully aligned on the page. However, as you do, you’ll watch and feel this one glide smoothly across it. This pen writes as well as many far more expensive.


This is a cartridge/converter fountain pen. I only use cartridges on my must trustworthy pens, on those I use a lot (like my Sailor Pro Gear and my Pilot Vanishing Point). The Jinhao comes with a standard international converter. It works well enough. No issues or concerns there.

Feel and Experience

As I mentioned, occasionally I grab the pen, put it to page, and I realize I need to twist it slightly to better align the nib. You can, in fact, see that come through at one point in the video below. Overall, though, the writing experience with the 911 is superb. The pen has a nice weight to it without being heavy. The plastic grip is quite comfortable. More importantly, the pen writes and writes well. It puts down a dark, wet line. For less than $5, the Jinhao 911 is a bargain. It will take a few weeks to receive it from Bobby’s site in China, or, you can try out the Amazon version and get it fast.

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