Noodler's Heart of Darkness Ink Review

I’m a big fan of Noodler’s Inks. Nathan Tardiff, the man behind what seems like a million colors, makes reliable fountain pen inks with creative, artistic labels.


Heart of Darkness is one of Noodler’s darkest blacks. I use black as my general purpose color, and I like it to be dark. HOD lives up to its name. It’s a well-behaving, wet ink. I use it regularly in a wide range of pens. I highly recommend it as a staple ink for most users. It seems to be only slightly lighter than what I think is the darkest black I’ve found, Noodler’s Old Manhattan.


Noodler’s Heart of Darkness fountain pen ink comes in a large, 4.5 ounce bottle with a convenient eyedropper. For only $19, you’ll have all the rich, dark black you’ll need for a long time.


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