Diamine November Rain Ink Review


I love Diamine inks. I’ve got more of them in my ink drawer than any other brand. Blue-Black is my favorite. The British company produces fantastic inks. They behave well on many different kinds of paper. Diamine, pronounced DYE-uh-MINE (think coal mine), sells many different colors. Recently, I learned about some special, high-sheen colors produced for retailers in Germany. I was able to purchase a couple of them on eBay. The first I bought, and the first I’ll review, is called November Rain. Perhaps it’s named after the Guns N’ Roses tune. It’s certainly possible, as another ink they produce is called “Smoke on the Water.” Surely, this is Diamine’s intent, as the ink definitely rocks. Fortunately, it’s now available again on eBay.

November Rain has really impressive sheen. Now, before I move on, I want to explain the difference between shimmer and sheen. After all, Diamine sells shimmering inks, as well. Sheening inks are magical. They go down on the page one color. As they dry, another color or colors join the party. The quantity of ink on the paper, as well as the type of paper itself, affect how much sheening takes place - along, of course, with the particular bottle of ink. The amount of light and the position of that light also affects the sheen.

Shimmering inks have glitter-like particles added. Their pizazz is artificial, you might say. As you’d expect, some inks both sheen and shimmer. I’ve yet to purchase a Shimmering Ink, but I’ve now got several sheeners in my collection.

November Rain is a sheening machine. It goes down green. Red shines through. It’s a wet ink. It’s a catchy ink. I really enjoy it. I have my TWSBI Eco (Broad) filled with it right now. Grab it while it’s still available!

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