Allegory Padfolio Review

Once I ventured down the path of handwriting my sermons (here and here), I knew I wanted a nice leather portfolio to use on Sundays. I had been admiring the work of Chad and Jessica from Allegory for some time. I just hadn’t sprung for one of their products yet. The time had come - especially after I noticed a great deal on Drop (formerly Massdrop). The normal price of $145 was reduced to around $100. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I ended up buying it directly from Allegory. However, they were kind enough to make a customization for me, while keeping it at the price of the drop. I chose a black leather Padfolio. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures, the Padfolio is a beauty.


Allegory’s version has two strong, chrome snaps that secure the Padfolio closed. On the front flap are two spots for pens. They make two versions of that flap. One that stores the pens on the outside - the original version - and another that puts them on the inside. I asked for Chad’s recommendation. Apparently, they began offering the inside option to assuage fears that the pens might fall out. He assured me they wouldn’t. He was right. There is an additional, small, zipped pocket also situated on that front flap.

Unsnap the cover, and you get to the heart of the product. The Padfolio is made to fit a Rhodia Dot Pad, and the fit is perfect. It is also constructed to hold an iPad in the pocket on the left side. That flap also features a standard, large, zippered pocket. Underneath that pocket, there is also an additional, non-zippered flap that will keep loose pages from fleeing the scene. It normally also features business card slots at the top. I didn’t think I’d use those, so I had Chad turn that space into another zippered pocket. As I own a 12.9 inch iPad - one that’s two large for the main pocket - I began thinking of ways the whole thing might work well for holding my weekly sermons.


That’s where Allegory’s great customer service comes in. I shared my idea with Chad of a version that could hold A4 versions from both the top and the side. That way I could write my sermons using blank pads that attach at the top and also slide in my completed sermons that attach from the side. He got to work. In the process, he explained that he thought their normal, standard version would actually work perfectly. I could just slide the cardstock cover of my sermon into that left iPad pocket.


Maybe because I’m from the Show-Me state or am just an all-around difficult person, I still had Chad make me a special version. Turns out he was right. The special edition wasn’t what I expected. I sent it back. He graciously transformed it back into the original Allegory Padfolio, and it’s perfect. As you can see, the sermon does work fantastically in that left, iPad pocket. Now I have a great sermon-writing workstation for the week. I have an excellent, pulpit portfolio for Sundays. I couldn’t be more satisfied. One can even fold back the cover and snap it in a reverse fashion. This makes it possible to hold the Padfolio with one hand - to take notes on the go or to give a lesson without a lectern. Made of high-quality leather and constructed with durable stitching, this folio will no doubt be something I can pass down to my kids.


Allegory is a small, family-owned business. They have a nice selection of leather goods. They also sell hand-crafted pens. I’d encourage you to check them out. Their products are great. Their customer service is even greater. The Padfolio is a fantastic product, perfect for my weekly needs as a preaching pastor.

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