Kaco Edge Fountain Pen Review


Recently, I became aware of Chinese pen maker Kaco. I’ve tried a number of pens produced there, and I’ve had mixed results. It seems like quality control is poor. One pen is great. The next three are lemons. I now have three of the Kaco variety. They’re high-quality writing devices.

The Kaco Edge is, at first glance, a Lamy 2000 knockoff. It’s apparently made of the same Makrolon material, apparently some combination of fiberglass and plastic. Whatever the stuff is, it looks beautiful and is extremely durable. You might think you’ve got the L2K in your hands until you notice the strange (and not too useful) clip. Pop off the cap, and you’ll note that the Edge’s nib isn’t hooded like the Lamy. No, this isn’t a $150 pen. It’s a $20 pen. But, man, does it write well. More on that in a minute.


Packaging and Appearance

The Edge comes in the same plastic box as other Kaco pens. It’s nothing special, but it’s a step above even some European starter pen cases. Inside the box, you’ll find a a converter and a couple of cartridges.

Appearance and Build

As mentioned previously, the Edge looks great. The combo of Makrolon and stainless looks as sharp as on the L2K, and it seems just as solid in the hand. I have no doubt this pen will last a long time.


Nib and Filling System

Word has it that Kaco uses German Schmidt nibs. They look great. They’re smooth. They start right up. The Edge’s nib is extremely fine, definitely an extra-fine. It’s perhaps somewhere between a Japanese and European EF. However, it’s not scratchy. It writes great. This is a cartridge/converter pen. I’ve currently got it inked up with Diamine Bilberry. It’s rested horizontally on my desk for weeks. I grab it. It writes. That’s more than can be said for many more expensive pens I’ve purchased.

Feel and Experience

The Edge feels great in the hand. It performs marvelously. I highly recommend it. As many have noted, the clip is quite unique. However, it’s a bear to even open. It’s almost useless. But that doesn’t mean the Kaco Edge is not a great pen.

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