Nock Brasstown Review


I love my Tom Bihn Brain Bag that I bought several years ago. It keeps on ticking, looking like I bought it yesterday. TB’s prices keep going up and up. I don’t see myself buying another book bag anytime soon. It’s a massive backpack with above average room for pens, but… I keep buying pens.

For that reason, I looked for some smaller pen pouches that I could carry around inside my Brain Bag. Research continually brought me back to the products made by Nock Co. Nock Co. is co-owned by The Pen Addict’s Brad Dowdy. I chose the Brasstown Zip Roll Pen Case.


Appearance and Build

This is a sharp looking pen pouch. Its two-tone color is striking. The build quality of the Brasstown is clear. The nylon material is solid. The size is perfect to fit into one of the front pockets of my Brain Bag.



The Brasstown holds 6 large pens. It’s an innovation on the traditional pen roll. Rather than rolling things up and tying it off with a cord, the roll fits inside a zippered pouch.

Overall Review

I really like my Brasstown from Nock Co. My only problem is that I keep buying pens. Therefore, I may need to soon buy another.

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