The Best Theology "How To" I've Read


Recently, Jeff Medders brought my attention to Kevin Vanhoozer’s great article “Letter to an Aspiring Theologian.” It defines theology and describes its right pursuit as well as anything I’ve read. Here’s a great quote:

“In short: If you see God as a means to worldly fame, power, or popularity, please don’t. There are already plenty of people, too many, who speak of God for the wrong reasons, which means they are not speaking truly of the one true God. You aspire to theology, you believe in God, you do well. Yet even the demons believe—and shudder (James 2:19). Becoming a theologian involves not only coming to know God (theology is simultaneously art, science, and craft), but also becoming a certain kind of person, one whose created intelligence has been illumined by the Holy Spirit.” (Kevin Vanhoozer)