TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Review

This pen by Taiwanese manufacturer TWSBI, dubbed the “Eco” (quite economical, for sure), is one of my favorites. In fact, it will be a part of my top five starter pens list that I hope to release in the next week. I highly recommend it. I own two of them — a clear standard version with a fine nib, along with the new, special edition transparent green edition in broad.

Packaging and Presentation

The Eco comes in packaging similar to their other pens - simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. Many have compared TWSBI’s packaging to Apple’s. That may be a bit of an overstatement. However, it does begin to capture the feel of opening up a pen packaged by TWSBI.


the twsbi Eco

(the almost-perfect starter fountain pen)

Appearance and Build

The pen is made of plastic. Although, it’s built more economically than some of their other models (e.g., 508AL), it’s solid. As a demonstrator, it catches the eye - especially the transparent green version I’m privileged to own. Yet, in my experience, it’s not just an eye-catcher; it’s quite durable, as well.

Nib and Filling System

TWSBIs are known for their smooth nibs, most of which are ready to write - and write well - right out of the box. Manufactured by German nib-maker JoWo, they’re a pleasure to write with. I currently own four different TWSBI pens, and each of them writes fantastically. Even after long stints in my bag, I can be confident that they’ll write right away. They’re superb. The Eco uses a smaller, #5 nib (like the Mini). However, its nib is not interchangeable, as with the Mini and other, less economical TWSBI options. This is not a drawback in my opinion. Why might someone want to exchange $25 nibs on a $30 pen, I ask?

As appealing as the nib is, so also is the TWSBI filling system. This is a piston-filling pen. For newbies, this means you insert the nib into a bottle and draw ink right into the pen by turning the nob on the pen’s end. Purists consider true fountain pens to be piston-fillers. I’m not in that camp. However, I do prefer this filling system over others. A drawback to some is that they won’t be able to use cartridges. Some aren’t as interested in venturing into the world of bottled ink. That’s half the fun of fountain pens, in my opinion.

Feel and Experience

Eco is a lightweight pen. It feels great in the hand. It glides across the paper - in both the fine and broad versions that I own. It’s a bit on the large side - more in terms of thickness than length. Yet it’s not remotely unwieldly. It’s extremely comfortable. Its weight is quite good. Although the cap can’t really be posted, the pen just feels right in the hand.

Overall Rating

This is a great overall pen for a fair price. It will no doubt occupy a top spot on my forthcoming top starter pens post. Highly recommended.

TWSBI Eco (clear) - Fine - Extra-Fine - Medium - Broad

TWSBI Eco (black) - Fine - Extra-Fine - Medium - Broad

TWSBI Eco (transparent green) - Fine - Extra-Fine - Medium - Broad