TWSBI Go Fountain Pen Review


I love TWSBI fountain pens! Perhaps it’s obvious. This is my fourth fountain pen review and my second TWSBI on my blogroll. The Taiwanese company excels at producing high-quality, affordable fountain pens. They’re perfect for beginners and veterans alike. The TWSBI Eco sits at the top spot on my Top Five Starter Pens list. I previously reviewed it here. Fountain pen geeks raved about the Eco when it first came out. It flew to the top of most lists like mine. Yet the company wasn’t satisfied. It seems like the company continues to do two things: think outside the box, generating all-new designs, and sell those ground-breaking pens cheaper each time. The TWSBI Go is the result of the company’s outstanding R & D. I held off on grabbing the Go for some time. It struck me as gimmicky. Recently, I purchased one, and I’m impressed.

Packaging and Presentation

The TWISBI Go is their lowest priced model. It’s the company’s new gateway into the hobby. They save on packaging with this model. They skip the typical plastic, Apple-esque box for simple cardboard, but that’s fine by me - especially for a $20 pen.

Appearance and Build

The Go looks even more economical than the Eco. It seems to be made of cheaper plastic. It won’t make showings at bank closings anytime soon. Not that they use fountain pens anymore anyhow. The Go does have a more relaxed, playful look to it. It looks like more like a toy, an obvious starter pen, for sure. However, it writes like pens far more expensive. More on that later. One thing to note: the Go doesn’t feature a clip, as with most fountain pen models.


Nib and Filling System

This TWSBI feels like all my others, in terms of the writing experience. It features a familiar, smooth nib. I opted for my first medium-nibbed TWSBI. I’m satisfied with that decision. It faithfully uncaps and writes with few hard starts. It’s a consistent, terrific writer.

What makes the Go so interesting is the unique filling mechanism. It features a spring-operated piston system. You press the end of the piston, pushing the spring down into the pen. You then submerge the nib in your favorite bottle. You then gently release the piston, and it fills with a decent amount of ink. This is a clever system. It gets the job done, and in a way that hasn’t been seen before.


Feel and Experience

I find the Go quite comfortable in the hand. One friend of mine found the pen a bit too chunky for his taste. I think it definitely feels different, yet quite nice at the same time. It does have more of a “magic marker” feel than a fountain pen. However, that doesn't bother me much. It’s a fun pen, in my opinion.

Overall Rating

I would encourage you to check out the TWSBI Go. It’s a great starter pen. However, keep in mind: you have to be willing to dive into the world of bottled ink, as well. And that’s a rabbit hole all of its own.

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