Gathering and Camping

It’s hard to believe our trip is over half-way over. What a great time we’re having here in Tokyo with our dear friends. Saturday was largely a day of resting up and finishing up (the sermon, that is).


On Sunday, we gathered with the Soma Fuchu congregation. I preached from John 17, reminding the body that Jesus prayed for us to have communion with the Father and with each other, and that His prayers will be answered and are being answered. It was a privilege to exhort the Soma church family, along with the folks sent by Hallows Church in the Seattle, Washington area and those from West Village Church in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, to trust in Christ’s intercessory work and to embrace His desires for us. Following church and lunch, Drew led up the English camp orientation and did a great job. That afternoon, Melia and I changed our residence from the Grove house to spend our second week here with the Glosson family. She and I stopped by a festival that evening, which was a great cultural experience. The yakisoba and yakitori were fantastic.


Today, we held the first day of our English camp. 99 kids signed up this year. This is one of the main things Soma does to serve the families of their city. Most Japanese parents want their children to learn English. Getting extra help with the language is costly. This is a way Soma can pour themselves out and love their city well. It’s also a great way for churches from English-speaking countries to jump in and help. Melia and I led up a team (or country with the Olympics theme) of students. We taught them some facts about the nation of India while introducing them to basic conversational phrases.


Tomorrow is a day off from the camp. Drew will be leading folks from the three churches on a day of touring in Tokyo. Fountain pen friends, sounds like we’re going to Ameyoko Plaza again!