Finishing Up a Fantastic Trip


It’s hard to believe our Japan trip is almost coming to a close. Tomorrow, we’ll join in with Soma Fuchu’s Sunday Gathering once again. We’ll get to spend some final moments with our Karis Japan folks. We’ll then leave very early the next day. We’ll fly out of Haneda airport here in Tokyo. We’ll take a long flight to JFK in NYC, followed by one to Chicago and one back home to Columbia. I definitely miss my Larson and Karis families. I’m ready to get back to Missouri, for sure. However, I really love Japan, and I’ll miss the Glossons, the Groves, Soma Fuchu, and this nation so much. I can’t wait to come back and visit once again.


The past few days have been productive and enjoyable. Melia and I joined with two other churches to help Soma Fuchu lead their annual English camp. She and I took care of a group of around 10 kids, leading them from station to station, seeking to teach them English and show them the love of Jesus over the course of three days. Despite the language barrier, we really bonded with the kids during this time. It was really great to see my daughter jump in and serve with joy and confidence. The final day ended with a fun, field day-style event and picnic with the children and their parents. It really seemed like the church was able to develop some new relationships and build on previous ones through the camp. Drew was the primary organizer of the camp. Jeremy also took on a big role. It was great to see them in action and serve alongside them in this way.


The camp took place on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday, Drew took all camp volunteers on a Tokyo tour. We went back to Shinjuku and Ameyoko. We also stopped in at Asakusa, the site of Tokyo’s oldest and best known temple. On Wednesday night, we had the opportunity to have a meal at a Japanese family’s home. On Thursday night, Timothy, Melia, and I went back to Shinjuku and were able to go to the top of the 45-floor Tokyo Metro Government Building. It’s one of the best views of Tokyo in the city. It’s also free. I’d been up there a number of times, but this was my first time at night. It’s just mind-blowing how huge the city is.


Yesterday was a rest day around Fuchu. But today, the Groves, Glossons, Timothy, Melia, and I ventured down to the Yokosuka area and spent some fun time on the beach. The water was warm. The scenery was beautiful. It was a blessing to get to soak in the sun with those two families.


This is my last post from Tokyo. It’s been a fantastic trip. I’m so glad I brought Melia with me. She’s done so well and has had so much fun. The only challenge was the flight into the country. Please pray for us on our return trip. Thanks for all your support!