Heading Off Soon to Japan


As I mentioned in my previous post, at the end of July, my daughter and I (along with Karis deacon Timothy Hixon) will be heading over to Tokyo to serve with some dear brothers and sisters we’ve sent out from Karis, the Glossons and the Groves. I couldn’t be more excited. So many of you have contributed to Melia’s fundraising. For that I’m very thankful.


While I’m there, I’ll keep you in the loop as to our adventures there. We’re heading there to serve their church, Soma Fuchu, with an English camp they hold as a city outreach. For my pen followers out there, I’ll also do my best to share some of my shopping adventures and finds.

However, before we leave, Amy and I will be traveling to the Acts 29 Global Gathering in Orlando. It’s going to be an exciting month!