Stalogy 365 Notebook Review


My recent notebook of choice has been the Stalogy 365 Days Notebook. It comes in a variety of sizes. I prefer the A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in.), which is a typical size for journals and planners in the stationery world. This Japanese-made notebook is one of the best I’ve found.

Packaging and Presentation

The Stalogy 365 comes wrapped in a thin clear plastic cover and a bright yellow information sleeve. My first notebook from Amazon came slightly bent. I do think a more protective packaging and shipping solution is needed.


Appearance and Build

This is a nice looking notebook. It has a semi-soft-cover, which usually isn’t my favorite. However, I protect mine with a thin leather cover similar to this one. Many other options are available on Amazon. I always break in notebooks before use, and the Stalogy seems to take a great deal of abuse. The paper, though, is the notebook’s best feature.

Paper Quality

A few years back, I purchased a Hobonichi Techo notebook. Hobos, as they’re affectionally called, are all the rage in the fountain pen/stationery/bullet journaling community. I loved my Hobo. However, one of that notebook’s most loved features left it underutilized on my desk. Hobonichis print a date on most sheets in the planner. Missing dates resulting in unused pages drove my Enneagram #1 personality crazy. Back to the point: the best attribute of Hobo planners is the thin, coated Tomoe River paper. Fountain pens glide across it. Inks glisten on its pages. Bleedthrough is somehow, however, almost nonexistent.

Now back to the Stalogy, a much more affordable notebook that is also very fountain pen friendly. The paper is very similar to the Tomoe River in the Hobonichi. I’d say it’s not quite as thin and doesn’t show off ink quite as well, but the difference isn’t that significant, and the 365 has a key feature that is a deal-breaker for me.

Other Features

The notebook contains 368 pages, enough to last for a full year. However, the pages aren’t dated. There are three lines of text printed at the top where you can circle the month, the day of the week, and the date, if you’d like. Honestly, they’re printed so faintly, that they’re not that helpful, in my opinion. I just write the day’s date over the top of them. Some, however, will find them useful.

Overall Review

I love the Stalogy 365 Days Notebook. I’m about halfway through my second full notebook. I have several extra journals stacked on my shelf, but I may keep buying new Stalogies. Highly recommended, fountain pen friends.

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