Welcome to Pastor and Pen

I’m excited to launch the website Pastor and Pen. For the last few years, I’ve found myself increasingly using and collecting fountain pens and inks. I use them for journaling, for sermon prep, for to-do lists, and for all-round getting things done in my role as a pastor.

This site will serve a couple of purposes. First, I’ll write about all things pens and stationery, regularly reviewing pens, inks, and notebooks, emphasizing products that are more likely to fit within the budget of those in vocational ministry.

Second, I’ll write articles about all things theology and ministry. My main passions are Christ our Lord, along with His bride, the local church. I long to spend my life multiplying her influence - along with His glory - through the planting and growing of healthy, gospel-centered churches.

I hope Pastor and Pen is a blessing to you. If there’s anything I can do to serve you, contact me here.

Kevin P. Larson